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About us

Head Hunting Consulting : Leadership is critical for any business. We define the recruitment process, develop the skill sets required for the position to achieve the desired results, identify the possible companies and industries from which the target talent acquisitions can be completed. Different levels of interview is organised to asses the technical and general skill sets by subject matter experts before the prospect is presented to the client. The process is neatly closed with a thorough follow up on the offer letter and smooth joining of the prospect to the client. This is a premium service and is offered on selective basis, after several rounds of consultation. Focus industries are Investment Banking, Financial Services, Infrastructure, Shipping, Logistics & Health Care.

About us
About us

          The process remains the same but is done on a larger canvas where the number of positions will be more and a critical mass recruitment requirement is required in volumes. Our focus industries are Infrastructure, Shipping, Logistics & Health care.


         The process and the recruitment drivers are different for this service. The focus is to achieve the critical mass for project execution and completion, without compromising on the quality. We have been successful to address the requirements of Infrastructure & Services domains for this type of recruitment.